North Carolina

  • The Mills River brewhouse façade shimmers with copper details.

  • The window into one of our Mills River brew kettles glows as wort boils inside.

  • Massive cisterns, designed to mimic wooden barrels, will collect and store rooftop rainwater.

  • 12-pack bottles of Mills River-brewed Pale Ale en route to store shelves.

  • Bottles of Mills River-brewed Pale Ale cruise down the packaging line.

Opening piece by piece!

More than two years after first breaking ground, our new North Carolina brewery is almost ready to open in Mills River.

Nestled on a forested ridge just 20 minutes from downtown Asheville, our second brewery is a temple to craft beer in an area where beer has become a way of life. We found a natural fit in this community that shares our passions for the outdoors, music, food, sustainable and conscientious living, and of course, great beer.

Our new brewery balances time-honored traditional brewing techniques and ultra-modern systems for quality and consistency—a foot in two worlds, old and new. Late this summer we’ll open our doors to visitors for the first time, and we kindly ask for patience as we complete this complex project. Thanks to everyone who attended our Beer Camp Across America festival on August 3, 2014, an awesome celebration that precedes big milestones just around the corner:

We knew going in that building a second brewery was never going to be easy, but as the final stages of our state-of-the-art facility come to a close, we couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished.

Bookmark this page for updates, and we can’t wait to welcome you inside.