Torpedo Room

Our Hub for Craft Beer in Berkeley

The Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room is a pillar of Berkeley’s vibrant Fourth Street. Our intimate space weaves together craft beer science, flavor, and culture. With 16 rotating taps to choose from, we invite you to settle in for a flight with friends while we walk you through what brought each beer to life, down to the barley kernels. From rare small-batch beers to Thursday cask night and geek-status events, the Torpedo Room is a tasty snapshot of Sierra Nevada innovation. Drop by and sip on our variety.

Check out the real-time tap list, photos, and event schedule below!

Currently on Tap

Southern Pepper's and the Lemongrass Band

This imperial blonde ale starts off slightly sweet, with a bold bright citrus flavor from the combination of fruit-forward New Zealand hop varietals and dried lemongrass in the kettle, but finishes dry with a kick from the addition of green peppercorns to the brew.

City Beer Store 10th Anniversary Ale

A collaboration with our friends in San Francisco, City Beer Store 10th Anniversary Ale was inspired by New Orleans iced coffee. Brewed with lactose, chicory and coffee, this barrel-aged stout is dark and luscious.

Trip in the Woods Biere de Garde

Literally "beer for keeping," Biere de Garde was originally a malt-forward beer brewed in the winter months and held for spring. Aged in tawny port barrels, our Biere de Garde offers bright notes of stone fruit balanced with mellow toffee flavors and a smooth, round mouthfeel.

Slow Clap

This classic spin on a Vienna lager builds flavor like the swell of a rumbling applause, starting first with a complex semi-sweet malt body, then with a hint of spicy and fruity hop aroma, and finally with a crisp and refreshing finish and a perfect balance that is worthy of a standing ovation.

West Latitude

West Latitude combines our Californian Left Coast love of fruity hops with a touch of Hawaiian “aloha” from the addition of hibiscus flowers, all anchored by robust malts and spicy rye. This session beer is light in body but looms large, like the long shadows of a westward setting sun.

Family Values

Family Values showcases the cooperation and kinship of Midwestern brewers. It features largely Midwestern-grown ingredients: Minnesota wild rice, Indiana honey, Missouri oats, Michigan hops, and cocoa nibs from Illinois as well as Sierra Nevada’s estate-grown malt. This is our centrally located collaboration celebrating the best of the Midwest.

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