Big Room

Big Room
The Mother Hips

We love good music almost as much as good beer.

Known as one of the premiere venues for Americana and roots music on the West Coast, the Big Room is Sierra Nevada’s beautiful live music and event venue located at our Chico, California brewery. With just 350 seats, the Big Room has gained a reputation for an intimate, small venue setting, and over the years, has hosted recording artists from all over the country. If you haven’t seen a Big Room show, we encourage you to check out this truly unique concert experience.

Upcoming Shows


Igor & The Red Elvises

Big Room

Here comes Igor & the Red Elvises!! Red Elvises started as a Russian group, playing what they dubbed “Siberian Surf Rock”. At various times shows have included keyboards, accordions, sax, clarinet, trumpet, flute, banjo, mandolin, tuba and many other instruments. Old and new fans alike can expect to be surprised at shows again and again, however the roots of Red Elvises remain the same: Igor’s unique brand of humor combined with guitar based rock’n’roll that makes audiences want to sing, dance, scream and shout. Igor and his Russian friends started playing on Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade. Their street musician days did not last long, however, as they drew such huge crowds that the City of Santa Monica brought them to court and ordered them off the streets. “People were having fun, and I’m not talking about bob-your-head-and-look-cool fun. I’m talking pure, unbridled, I’ve-given-up-control-of-my-body-like-a-flailing-ragdoll fun. Real fun.”

Ben Salmon - The Bulletin

Get your tickets early for this one of a kind Big Room show!


Dinner in the Garden

Estate Garden

Celebrate the summer season with us at our Dinner in the Garden. Pull up a chair in our Estate Garden, while our chef prepares a multi-course feast, complete with beer pairings. The menu will feature local meats, as well as a bounty of seasonal produce harvested a few feet from your table. The gates open at 7:15; dinner will be served at 7:45. See you in the garden.


Diego's Umbrella

Big Room

SF’s celebrated Ambassadors
of Gypsy Rock return to the Big Room bringing their unique blend of eastern
European gypsy, flamenco, ska, Balkan and rock laced with a pop sensibility
that won’t allow you to stay off the dance floor. A refreshing formula in
today’s music world, Diego’s Umbrella’s unique, high-energy live show is a
visual and aural experience you will not forget. They always sell out quickly so get your tickets

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