North Carolina Brewery

Over the Ocean and Through the Woods

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Sierra Nevada has always had something of a mellow vibe, but when it comes right down to it, sometimes you just need some heavy metal. And of course, we’re talking about stainless steel! Read more.

Food & Beer

To the Gills with Lager

After a hearty Stout stew in March, we’re dialing down the density this month with trout bathed in crisp Summerfest lager. (Cue the thirsty fish jokes—yuk, yuk.) Read more.

Brewer and the Beer Geek

The Brewer and the Beer Geek: Hoptimum

Brewery Note: The Brewer and the Beer Geek filmed this episode two months ago in Boston, Mass., certainly a more peaceful time in the city given this week’s tragedy. Our thoughts are with all who are affected.   Read more.