Food & Beer

A Soup for the Season

The chill of fall has, on occasion, a way of inspiring a curious lethargy. (Stay in bed a little bit longer. Watch just one more episode of the sitcom de jour. Exercise tomorrow? Yeah, tomorrow.) Even making food can feel chore-like, so we whipped up—literally, in a blender—a soup that’s far from taxing to prepare and whose leftovers stand to keep you satisfied for days. Read more.

Brewer and the Beer Geek

Brewer and the Beer Geek: DevESTATEtion

The Brewer and the Beer Geek mourn the loss of some good barley, gone before its time, and argue over a pint of DevESTATEtion about who’s the hero and who’s the sidekick.

First time meeting these fellas? Check out another blog post to learn about ‘em. Read more.

North Carolina Brewery

Enclosing the Brewhouse

Visit our Facebook page to see all of our Mills River construction photos.  Read more.