Making Crafts With Craft Packages

There’s a lot to celebrate today: the brewery blows out 33 candles, it’s America Recycles Day and we’re honored to be the first business certified platinum by the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC), underscoring our effort to divert as much of our solid waste as possible from landfills and incinerators—in 2012, we hit 99.8 percent!—although waste is just one of many criterion. The USZWBC critiqued everything from our purchasing habits with vendors to our implementation of “paperless programs” (think payroll). They put our brewery through the wringer, and we came out beaming.

Let’s move that spotlight from us to you, though. We don’t have three decades of success without awesome fans, and how appropriate given the day that we showcase how fans often recycle our packaging materials for creative projects. We’ve seen six-packs folded into business-card holders (heck, you’ve even printed business cards on six-packs), Ovila corks plugged into bicycle handlebars, crowns painstakingly placed on furniture surfaces, and plenty more. Those letters, emails, and social media messages make us smile wide and help keep our passion burning.

Check out just a sample of the cool crafts folks have recently sent us. Finishing some of your own impressive creations? We’d love to see ‘em! Write us at or give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


November 15, 2013 - 11:39am