Almost Time for the Torpedo Room

We have 19 beers on tap at any given time at our taproom in Chico, California.

What? They have that many beers?

If that’s your reaction, we aren’t surprised. Unless folks visit our brewery or meet us at festivals, the rapid-fire pace at which we create new beers escapes many craft beer fans. Our new tasting room in Berkeley, California, called the Torpedo Room, is a chance to change that, at least in one vibrant food and drink hub. The Bay Area brims with craft beer culture. We’re excited to join the community and showcase more of our brew kettle chops. Some of our 16 taps will feature rare, small-batch draught beers you won’t find elsewhere.

The Torpedo Room is slated to open in a matter of days in a mixed-use building on the corner of Fourth and Addison Streets in West Berkeley. (Original press release here.) The name is inspired by our innovative dry-hopping device, the Hop Torpedo, which works with fermenting beer to impart more hop aroma and flavor without adding more bitterness. (You’ll spot a pair of these stainless steel vessels flanking our Torpedo Room back bar.) The device itself underscores what the Torpedo Room is all about: celebrating the processes and science that go into making consistent, excellent beer. When you stop in for a flight, we want to chat with you about what brought the liquid to life, down to the barley kernels. If that piques your interest, we’ll further feed your beer knowledge with events that focus on beer education from exploring its history to dissecting modern styles.

So, what’s up our sleeve for the first Torpedo Room brews? We’ll keep much of that to ourselves, but one inaugural treat should whet your appetite: Torpedo® Extra IPA aged in rye whiskey barrels with Citra hops added. (Check out the photo below of it being transferred to a tank for conditioning.) Drop by the Torpedo Room to sip that gem alongside others we’re sure will earn your favor. Take ‘em home in growlers, but don’t jet before you check the cooler for specialty bottles and more. Yeah, we’ve got you covered.

November 11, 2013 - 1:05pm