Kellerweis Cranberry Sauce

Family and friends sprawled on furniture, mouths agape, snoring—it’s the sign of a successful Thanksgiving feast. Second (and third and fourth) helpings of, well, everything take us down for the count. Somehow it’s an endearing part of the holiday. The naps give us juice for the next round of board games, movie watching, verbal outbursts toward NFL players, or whatever traditions bring your loved ones together. Now, what should be your contribution to the coma-inducing potluck? Consider our easy take on a traditional cranberry sauce, which gets a jolt from our Kellerweis. (It’s not quite as simple as shaking a jelly cylinder from a can, but we know you can do it!) The beer’s yeast produces fruity esters that complement the intensely sweet and tart cranberries. With any luck, there will be leftovers after your daytime slumber.

Kellerweis® Cranberry Sauce

1 cup Kellerweis
12 ounces fresh cranberries
1 cup sugar
1 orange juiced
Zest of 1/2 orange

In a thick-bottomed pot combine the Kellerweis, cranberries, sugar, orange juice, and orange zest. Fill a glass with the remaining beer to sip while you proceed. Bring contents of the pot to a simmer, stirring occasionally over 15 minutes. Transfer to a bowl and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

Pro Tips!

  • Can be made up to a week in advance
  • Stir into pancake mix for an awesome breakfast
November 26, 2013 - 8:46am