Beer Camp Across America

The Beer Camp Across America Mixed Pack Is Here

The variety pack, including 10 bottles and two cans, is a first in craft beer

Chico, CA—July 7, 2014—Less than two weeks shy of the kickoff to Beer Camp Across America, an unprecedented seven-city traveling beer festival, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has released a one-time-only Beer Camp Across America mixed 12-pack to beer shelves across the nation. Read more.

Beer Camp Across America

An Invitation Worth Drinking

We’re dusting off our suitcases, and you should, too. In just a few weeks we launch Beer Camp Across America, a seven-city beer festival tour that features hundreds of breweries. As the tour starts, we’ll also release a Beer Camp Across America 12-pack we made with 12 other breweries. Read more.

Beer Camp Across America

Brewer Lineup Announced

In six weeks we begin a seven-city festival adventure in the name of U.S. craft beer. We put out the call for our brewing brethren to join us for Beer Camp Across America in hopes of creating the largest celebration of craft beer in history. In no time the sign-up list turned into a scroll, and today we’re thrilled to share the nearly more than 700 brewers* who are on board this flavorful expedition unlike any to date. Read more.