“Don’t be intimidated.”

We interviewed a few of the women who keep the wheels turning at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and asked what advice they’d offer to women getting into craft beer.

“Don’t be intimidated,” said Kayla Brogna, one of our brewers. “Just learn as much as you can.”

Though a beard may come to mind when we think about brewers, there’s an army of women working in craft beer. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re shining the spotlight on a few of them.


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March 8, 2016 – 11:25am

Guest post contributed by Esther Tetreault, co-founder of Trillium Brewing Co. alongside her husband JC.

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Every day starts like this:

4:00am—Tell our 3-year-old to go back to bed

6:30am—Beg our 3-year-old to get out of bed

Next comes one crazy hour of controlled chaos trying to get two kids fed, dressed, and out the door with lunch in hand to two different schools. Then JC... Read More

March 2, 2016 – 8:23am

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Devils Backbone Brewery owner Steve Crandall was in a reflective mood.

“Let’s go around the table and hear what got us all into this.”

We were all together at Steve’s brewery, eight of us, huddled in a cozy booth, sharing beers as the last gasps of a hurricane blew in cold rain from the Virginia coast. We’re the Northeast Beer Camp team—or “O.G. 13” as we’ve come to... Read More

January 7, 2016 – 1:11pm