• Tours

    Please fill out our contact form and select ‘tours’ from the dropdown menu. You can also call us at 530-899-4776, email us at tours@sierranevada.com, or visit our brewery tour page to book a tour online. We’ll see you soon!

    You bet! Please contact our tours team at 530-899-4776 or tours@sierranevada.com for more information. Please note that special request tours must be scheduled two weeks in advance.

    All tour guests must be at least 12 years of age. Families with children under 12 years of age may take the self-guided tour at the mezzanine level any time between 10am and 6pm Monday through Sunday. Educational beer sampling is reserved for those 21 and over.

    We ask all guests to check in at the Tour Desk (inside the Gift Shop lobby) at least 15 minutes prior to your tour’s start time. We permit standby guests to fill open reservations not claimed 15 minutes prior to the tour. We don’t want you to lose your spot!

    We wish we could treat it like a roller coaster ride, but we allow only one brewery tour per guest per day.

    Please note that we are generally closed for major holidays. Tour hours:

    Brewhouse Tours:

    11:00am | 12:00pm | 1:00pm | 2:00pm | 3:00pm | 4:00pm

    11:00am | 12:00pm | 12:30pm | 1:00pm | 1:30pm | 2:00pm | 2:30pm | 3:00pm | 3:30pm | 4:00pm | 4:30pm | 5:00pm | 5:30pm

    11:00am | 12:00pm | 12:30pm | 1:00pm | 1:30pm | 2:00pm | 2:30pm | 3:00pm | 3:30pm | 4:00pm

    Sustainability Tours (Available May–September):

    11:30am | 1:30pm | 3:30pm

    Beer Geek Tours:

    10:30am | 2:30 pm

    We ask all guests to check in 15 minutes prior to the start of their tour at the Tour Desk inside the Gift Shop lobby. Our tours fill up quickly; be sure to make your reservations early.

    Contact the Tour Desk at 530-899-4776 or tours@sierranevada.com.