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Torpedo Room

Can I fill my growler from another brewery?

While we’re allowed to fill growlers that originated at other breweries, we’ve chosen to fill only Sierra Nevada vessels. Beyond being legally required to affix labels to others’ growlers to “rebrand” them as our own, we really just think our growler designs are pretty cool. We hope you’ll snatch one up.

Can I buy a full pint of beer?

A flight totals a pint! We’re assuming you mean just a good ol’ pint glass, though, yeah? The Torpedo Room is a place of craft beer discovery and education. In this spirit, we don’t serve full pints; rather, we serve tasting trays with four 4-ounce glasses so you dive into an array of beer styles—let’s talk about them and focus on what makes each one great.

What beers do you have on tap?

Up to sixteen awesome ones! You can flip through the list on the Torpedo Room page. It changes frequently, so bookmark that page and check back often!

Do you sell bottled beer?

Yes, we have a cooler stocked with a good spread from large-format specialty bottles to trusty six-packs.

Does the Torpedo Room serve food?

Well, more accurately, snacks. We’d recommend not coming in with a ravenous appetite since our selection is more munchies than a full meal. Don’t worry, Berkeley boasts plenty of excellent food venues. We can point you to some good ones.

Can I bring in my own food?

We encourage folks to try our small plates we’ve designed for educational pairings with our beer flights. They’ll tide you over until you can stroll to another excellent Berkeley food spot.

I’ve seen some cool Sierra Nevada gear. Do you sell any?

Doubtful the Torpedo Room will see any shopping sprees, but it does have a good selection of merchandise including T-shirts, sweatshirts, glassware, bottle openers and beer-focused books. OK fine, go on a shopping spree.

Can I reserve a tasting for a large group?

Let’s see what we can work out! If you’re looking at a group of 12 or more please call us at 510-647-3439 or email

Will you hold special events at the Torpedo Room?

We’ll fill up your calendar, how about that? Torpedo Room events include sensory beer seminars, beer science talks, seasonal beer launches, and more. Keep tabs on the Torpedo Room page.

Can I buy a keg of beer at the Torpedo Room?

We all love a good shindig, but we can’t provide the suds.

Are visitors under 21 years of age allowed in the Torpedo Room?

We will not serve those under 21 years of age, though our space itself is open to all passersby. We ask that Torpedo Room visitors who are not of legal drinking age be accompanied by someone(s) 21 or over.

How do I contact the Torpedo Room?

Give us a shout at 510-647-3439 or write us a beautiful note: