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Big Room

How often do you present shows?

We currently average three to four shows a month. Visit our Big Room calendar for a listing of  upcoming shows.

Why do you present shows primarily on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights?

First and foremost we are a brewery. Our local area bars, restaurants, and event venues all sell our beers – in an effort not to draw business from them we host shows on nights they do not.

What are the hours I should be aware of when attending a show?

Our doors open at 6pm (lines begin to form about 5pm). The show starts at exactly 7:30pm and the shows last from one-and-a-half to two hours.

How do I find out about the upcoming shows?

Visit our list of upcoming shows! If you would like weekly notifications about all upcoming shows, information on the performers and the exact time and date that tickets will go on sale, sign up for our mailing list. You are also welcome to call our Gift Shop at 530.896.2198 and ask for show information.

How can I buy tickets?

To purchase tickets you may either visit the Gift Shop when the tickets go on sale or you may call 530.896.2198 and purchase them using a major credit card.

Why do the shows sell out so fast?

We bring in top-of-the-line, nationally known entertainment and provide it in an exquisite dinner theatre environment that has become one of the West Coast’s premier musical venues. Great sound, good food, and world famous beer create a demand for tickets that far exceeds our 350-seat capacity.

Do you serve food at the shows?

We serve a full dinner buffet from 6:00pm until 7:30pm, prior to each show. For more information call 530.345.2739.

What is the seating policy?

We offer general admission seating only. You may want to show up early in order to get a good seat and enjoy a beer!

Can tables be reserved prior to the show?

No. If you do see a reserved seat sign, it is generally for the house.

How do you determine who plays in the Big Room?

Bob Littell is in charge of booking the Big Room. He tries to bring in a mix of national class entertainers with a focus on roots/Americana, folk and blues. If you have a suggestion for someone you’d like to see, you may contact Please remember, with only 350 seats, national headliners are not possible. 

Why do your shows start so early?

We start all our shows right at 7:30 PM because we offer our shows on “off nights,” that is, “non-weekend nights,” and our clientele have to go to work the next day. Our shows generally average one-and-a-half to two hours in length, allowing attendees to return home at a reasonable hour.

Is there a dress policy in the Big Room?

Casual comfort always works. Shoes and shirts are required. 

What Sierra Nevada products are available during the shows?

We generally offer at least seven or eight Sierra Nevada lagers and ales, a wide selection of wine, soft drinks, coffee, and water. No hard alcohol or non-Sierra Nevada beer products are served. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., in accordance with California State Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, strictly abides by the Bona Fide I.D. requirements when determining drinking age. An acceptable form of I.D. must be issued by an Official Government Agency (Federal, State, County or City) and must contain all of the following: name, photo, and date of birth, and must be currently valid. (Bona Fide I.D. is one card that contains all of these items).

Do you have a dance floor in the Big Room?

We have a wonderful hardwood dance floor that’s open for “dance” events such as blues and rock shows. For acoustic shows, chairs are placed on the dance floor.