Oktoberfest fun under the tent and out in the hop field.
Marvel at the artistry of local glassblowers.
Moustache contest hopefuls show off their facial stylings.
Aug 12

Jackie Greene

Perhaps the Big Room’s most popular performer, Jackie Greene returns for an epic Friday night Big Room show. Jackie began his career as a teenager working the bar and open mic circuit around his hometown of Sacramento. Since then, he has recorded seven albums and two EPs, released a DVD and published a book of lyrics. In 2006, Greene joined Phil Lesh & Friends, thrusting him in front of a new audience of open-minded music listeners and fastidious Deadheads. In 2013, Jackie was asked to join The Black Crowes for their epic worldwide tour. Greene drifted deeper into the Dead world when his friendship with Robinson and Bob Weir resulted in a new trio. And, by chance, he also joined Trigger Hippy, a super group that features Joan Osborne and Crowes drummer Steve Gorman. For this visit, Jackie gets his old band together to give you a look at Jackie Greene 2016.

Get your tickets early and yes, the dance floor is open.

Sierra Nevada Big Room
Aug 14
Amphitheater at the Taproom - Mills River from 2pm until 5pm
Aug 20

Anthem Moonlight Ride

A unique non-competitive bike ride around Richmond, under a full moon! Riders deck out themselves and their bikes in crazy lights and costumes and complete a 17 or 8 mile loop around town. The Agee’s Post-Ride Party includes interactive exhibits, pizza, ice cream, live music and beer! Learn more at

Richmond, VA
Aug 21

Drayton & the Dreamboats

Drayton & The Dreamboats are Asheville’s premier dream-based social music band. Featuring vocalist and violinist Drayton Aldridge, guitarist Tim Doyle, bassist Craig Sandberg, and drummer Mike Oliver, Drayton & The Dreamboats play a tasty blend of vintage styles, mixed-in with more modern influences and ancient musical secrets of the dream world. Through a mix of up-tempo swing, cool ballads, and catchy pop tunes, Drayton & The Dreamboats distill your dreams into musical reality. Learn more at

Amphitheater at the Taproom - Mills River from 2pm until 5pm
Aug 26

Igor & The Red Elvises

Here comes Igor & the Red Elvises!! Red Elvises started as a Russian group, playing what they dubbed “Siberian Surf Rock”. At various times shows have included keyboards, accordions, sax, clarinet, trumpet, flute, banjo, mandolin, tuba and many other instruments. Old and new fans alike can expect to be surprised at shows again and again, however the roots of Red Elvises remain the same: Igor’s unique brand of humor combined with guitar based rock’n’roll that makes audiences want to sing, dance, scream and shout. Igor and his Russian friends started playing on Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade. Their street musician days did not last long, however, as they drew such huge crowds that the City of Santa Monica brought them to court and ordered them off the streets. “People were having fun, and I’m not talking about bob-your-head-and-look-cool fun. I’m talking pure, unbridled, I’ve-given-up-control-of-my-body-like-a-flailing-ragdoll fun. Real fun.”

Ben Salmon - The Bulletin

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Sierra Nevada Big Room