Mar 2

Birds of Chicago

Big Room

Both Allison Russell and JT Nero were accomplished singer/songwriters with projects of their own, but when singing together, there was an unmistakable chemistry. Nero had found the perfect voice for his rock and roll psalms. Russell moved from being a primary songwriter to an interpreter, and her simmering restraint is refreshing in a landscape scorched by post Voice/American Idol vocal gymnastics. Music this raw and soul-rich demands to be experienced live. Birds of Chicago has developed a fervent following, touring 200 nights a year since its formation in late 2012. Come see why Birds of Chicago was the runaway hit at Worldfest in Grass Valley.
Tickets on sale Sunday 2/5/17 at 10 AM.
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Opening the show will be Matt the Electrician, a headliner in his own right.