Brewery Tour

  • The exterior of our 200-barrel brewhouse.

  • Copper cladding pays homage to traditional brewhouse kettles.

  • Our 1600-barrel fermentation tanks shimmer in the sun.

  • One of nine canopies in our parking lot solar array.

  • Pale Ale cruises down the packaging line.

Get a sneak peek at our new Mills River brewery

Building a second brewery is no easy task, and we’ve worked long and hard getting our new place off the ground—in fact, we still have nuts and bolts to tighten. But we decided that shouldn’t stop us from showing you around.

Hard Hat Tour

Book a tour online!

For a limited time, we’re offering a special behind-the-scenes look at our brewery and grounds during the final phase of construction.

While some pieces are ready for primetime, like our shimmering copper-clad brew kettles, we’re literally hammering away on other elements like our Restaurant and Taproom. We’ll share our brewery’s history, dive into the brewing process and our commitment to sustainability, and wax poetic about this community that’s warmly welcomed us.

Make your reservations now (online only) to be one of the first to see our Mills River brewery. Spots will fill up quickly!

We will offer several different options for regular tours and beer tastings beginning in the fall of 2014. Check back often for new details and follow us on Facebook.