Torpedo Room

Our Hub for Craft Beer in Berkeley

The Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room is a pillar of Berkeley’s vibrant Fourth Street. Our intimate space weaves together craft beer science, flavor, and culture. With 16 rotating taps to choose from, we invite you to settle in for a flight with friends while we walk you through what brought each beer to life, down to the barley kernels. From rare small-batch beers to Thursday cask night and geek-status events, the Torpedo Room is a tasty snapshot of Sierra Nevada innovation. Drop by and sip on our variety.

Check out the real-time tap list, photos, and event schedule below!

Currently on Tap

Paddle Trail Ale

Brewed with experimental whole-flower hops for bright citrusy notes. Paddle Trail Ale was inspired by summer days playing on the river.

Ovila Abbey Golden with Pomegranate

Ovila Abbey Golden with Pomegranates is a Belgian-style ale brewed with pomegranates for a mix of malt flavor and the tangy zip of fruit for a complex yet refreshing beer.

Audition English-style Bitter

A toasty, bread-like aroma breaks through the tan foam of this English-Style Bitter, while delicate flavors of caramel and nuttiness ride a smooth sweetness.

Audition Tropical IPA

Booming with the lush character of the tropics, the aromas and flavors of this IPA are a roll call of equatorial fruits like mango, papaya and grapefruit.

Harvest Newly Developed Hops IPA

The third beer in our 2015 Harvest series features several newly developed hop varietals from the Yakima Valley. These new hops feature complex orange-citrus aromas and woodsy flavors of cedar and coconut.

Witbier with Grapefruit

Our take on a traditional Belgian witbier has complex aromas of spicy Belgian yeast, wheat, and a kick of citrus. It has a silky smooth, hazy body and a mild tart finish from the addition of ruby red grapefruit in the kettle.


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