Torpedo Room

Our Hub for Craft Beer in Berkeley

The Sierra Nevada Torpedo Room is a pillar of Berkeley’s vibrant Fourth Street. Our intimate space weaves together craft beer science, flavor, and culture. With 16 rotating taps to choose from, we invite you to settle in for a flight with friends while we walk you through what brought each beer to life, down to the barley kernels. From rare small-batch beers to Thursday cask night and geek-status events, the Torpedo Room is a tasty snapshot of Sierra Nevada innovation. Drop by and sip on our variety.

Check out the real-time tap list, photos, and event schedule below!

Currently On Tap

  • Narwhal® Imperial Stout

    Inspired by the mysterious creature that dwells in the deepest Arctic seas, Narwhal Imperial Stout is midnight black and bold—with notes of baker’s cocoa and dark roasted coffee. This massive imperial stout is incredibly complex and explores the darkest depths of malt flavor.

    Estate® Homegrown Ale

    Taste fresh-from-the-field flavors with this handmade, homegrown, and completely natural ale. Made with organic wet hops and barley grown at our brewery in Chico, this remarkable ale is the only one of its kind.


    A hazy wheat ale—untamed, unfiltered and unafraid. With a full, fruity aroma and notes of spicy clove and banana bread, Kellerweis is truly a unique brew.

    Barrel-aged Torpedo

    Our year-round hop bomb aged in bourbon barrels with fresh Citra and Pacifica hops has an aggressive nose of tropical fruit that precedes coconut and vanilla.

    Barrel-aged Breakfast at Chico’s

    Our original Breakfast at Chico’s recalled a bear claw from your corner bakery. Aged in bourbon, this Breakfast plate is piled higher with notes of raisin, brown sugar and coconut.

    Harvest Wet Hop IPA - Northern Hemisphere Harvest®

    Northern Hemisphere features wet hops—picked from the field and into the brewhouse within 24 hours. This complex IPA boasts intense herbal and green hop aromas as well as rose-like and citrus flavor.

  • Celebration® IPA

    A special ale for the holidays, Celebration IPA features the first hops of the growing season. This pioneering ale is full of complex flavors and aromas from the generous use of whole cone American hops.

    Barrel-aged Narwhal®

    Barrel-Aged Narwhal is our massive Imperial Stout aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. This beer has layers of malt flavor with notes of espresso and baker’s cocoa with a touch of vanilla from the barrels.


    German-style pilsners are the original session beers. Our version of this classic style is loaded with floral and spicy hop flavor and balanced by a crisp and dry finish.

    Dark Art Ale

    Dark Art’s thick foam refuses to fall, always full of roasty and smoky aromas. Jet black and full-bodied, each sip of Dark Art whispers both spice and sweetness.

    Harvest Wet & Wild Cluster IPA

    We hand-picked these unique wild hops and used them wet—undried—in our kettles to create a truly unique one-of-a-kind beer with bright lemony citrus notes and an herbal grassy character.

    Coffee Stout

    A cup of joe and a bold beer can be antidotes to the cold, so we blended them for the ultimate warmer. Our Coffee Stout is a fusion of dark roasted malts and rich, cold-brewed coffee for layers of bittersweet, fruity, dark chocolate and caramel-like flavors.

  • Pale Ale

    Its unique piney and grapefruit aromas from the use of whole-cone American hops have fascinated beer drinkers for decades and made this beer a classic.

    Torpedo® Extra IPA

    The first beer to feature our “Hop Torpedo”—a revolutionary dry-hopping device that controls how much hop aroma and what kind is imparted into beer without adding additional bitterness.

    El Stouterino

    A nod to The Dude’s favorite cocktail—think 90s cult classic film—El Stouterino bowls over with roasty, creamy sweetness and the quirks of almonds, star anise and more.

    Barrel-Aged Ovila Abbey Saison

    A 3-year hibernation in rye whiskey barrels yielded a more robust, slightly sour version our original Ovila Abbey Saison with approachable flavors like fresh apples and cedar spice.