Beyond the Brewhouse

Artists Bloom in the Big Room

When great beer complements live music, all of your senses come alive.

When we opened our live music venue, the Sierra Nevada Big Room, in 2003, that’s exactly what we had in mind. Over the years, the Big Room, located at our brewery in Chico, CA, has been home to plenty of local talent. A small, intimate, 350-seat venue, the space draws an eclectic variety of music from restrained acoustic shows to those that inspire full-on dance parties. Read more.

Food & Beer

Holiday Popcorn with Pep

Cooking with beer is likely familiar to some and unchartered territory for others. Beer imparts special character, aroma and taste to recipes, and lends adventure to culinary exploration. Although cocoa, eggnog, pies and other ubiquitous desserts may dominate your holiday gatherings, our head chef Micheal Iles cooked up a fresh idea for a sweet and savory snack: Celebration Ale popcorn. Read more.

Our Beer

The Surfacing of Narwhal

Monster beers define our new High Altitude four-pack series. The series is anchored by our long menacing Bigfoot<sup>®</sup> and the new school Hoptimum<sup>®</sup>. To complete the lineup we’ve just released an imperial stout we call Narwhal®. Read more.