Our Beer

The Surfacing of Narwhal

Monster beers define our new High Altitude four-pack series. The series is anchored by our long menacing Bigfoot<sup>®</sup> and the new school Hoptimum<sup>®</sup>. To complete the lineup we’ve just released an imperial stout we call Narwhal®. Read more.


Reflecting on Hop Harvest

In our first blog post, we mentioned hop growers are often fond of us. We use heaps of whole-cone hops every day—thousands of pounds. But despite the big supply we have in Chico, the selection process during harvest is calculated and time consuming. Ken Grossman and a team of brewers embarked on this year’s search in September. Read more.


Purest Ingredients, Finest Quality

Our brewery’s blog begins as 2012 ends and the recent hop harvest goes toward brewers’ 2013 beers. To most craft brewers, hop selection is a special time of year. For brewers like us, who only brew with whole-cone hops, selecting only the finest hops is of the utmost importance. And since we use more whole-cone hops than any brewer in the world—about 3,000 pounds each day—hop growers are often eager to work with us. Read more.