Food & Beer

A Stout Stew

To knock out the last chills of winter, we ventured next door to our pub—our casual name for our Taproom and Restaurant—to have our food pros create a stew featuring a rich kick from our Stout. It was the first beer Ken Grossman brewed in his hand-built brewhouse and the inauguration was a success: the recipe has hardly changed over three decades. Read more.

Brewer and the Beer Geek

Meet the Brewer and the Beer Geek

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the beer you love to drink? Well, check out our new series of video podcasts, The Brewer and the Beer Geek. These videos go beyond the beer for the back story you haven’t heard—how they came to be, what goes into them, and what we hoped to get out of them—from two of the creators. Read more.

Beyond the Brewhouse

Your Questions for Ken Answered

Last month you flooded us through Facebook and Twitter with great questions for Ken Grossman. He combed through them and had fun answering a few in this video (stick around for the end!). He also typed up several other answers to hit on a variety of topics. Read more.