Brewer and the Beer Geek

Meet the Brewer and the Beer Geek

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the beer you love to drink? Well, check out our new series of video podcasts, The Brewer and the Beer Geek. These videos go beyond the beer for the back story you haven’t heard—how they came to be, what goes into them, and what we hoped to get out of them—from two of the creators.

By and large, these short, 7- to 8-minute videos are made by the “stars” themselves, offering an unpolished and uncensored look at the real story of our beers, including tasting notes and beer specs.

The Brewer: Terence Sullivan

With nearly 19 years at Sierra Nevada, Terence started as a shift brewer, moved on to cellar manager—overseeing all fermentation and yeast handling—and now works in Product Development where he and his team build beers and brands from the ground up. Terence has a Fermentation Science Degree from UC Davis and for two decades has been instrumental in the brewing process at Sierra Nevada.

The Beer Geek: Bill Manley

Bill has been with Sierra Nevada for five years and came to the brewery as a journalist with a background as a beer critic. He now works with Terence and his team designing beers from concept through finished product. Bill’s specialty is small batch, one-off Sierra Nevada beers. He is a Certified Cicerone and all-around beer geek who spends most of his time traveling around the country hosting educational tastings and trainings.

These two are beer guys in the truest sense. When not actively drinking the stuff, they’re talking about, arguing about, or downright screaming about it from the rooftops to anyone or anything that will stand still long enough to listen. Beer and brewing is more than a job for these guys; it’s a way of life, and it makes them the perfect people to bring that passion to you.

A brand new The Brewer and the Beer Geek episode will debut before each beer release (roughly one per month) and offer background and context for each new beer, along with some random accidents, tangential asides, and occasional flagrant profanity.

Through the random ramblings of two impassioned beer aficionados, we hope you’ll get better knowledge and insight into what we’re doing at Sierra Nevada. And if you run into the brewer or the beer geek out and about, consider buying ‘em a beer or two, but look out: once they start talking, it’s hard to get away!

Watch the episode below to see the duo chase after Bigfoot in Alaska, and check back often for new episodes of The Brewer and the Beer Geek.