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Crafting A Tradition

Brewers are just folks who love making good beer, but occasionally, the beer geek comes out and we get to play mad scientist for a little while.

That’s what happened in our barrel room when our friends from Boulevard Brewing Company came to visit. The goal: to find the perfect blend for our 2014 Terra Incognita collaboration brew. The way to get there: tasting a whole lot of beer. Read more.

Our Beer

A Nano Brewery for Big Beer Ideas

The more things change, the more things stay the same. At least that’s what we’ve found at the brewery.

Over the past few decades, Sierra Nevada has added family members, new facilities and hundreds of beers. Although we’ve grown as a brewing company, our biggest ideas always start small.

It’s with this in mind that we introduce a new member to the Sierra Nevada family: the Nano Brewery. Read more.

Our Beer

What’s In a Name of Numbers

Cascade, the workhorse hop in our Pale Ale, was largely unknown when our founder Ken Grossman tossed it in his hand-built brew kettle. Read more.