One Hop Harvest: Three Unique Beers

The hop season is a pretty romantic time for a beer lover. Watching the bines shoot through the earth, spiral toward the sky and grow heavy with fragrant hops—it’s enough to make us wax poetic, and no time is quite as celebrated as harvest.

At our Chico brewery, our homegrown hop field gives us a front-row seat to the season and provides the base of our Estate IPA (More on that later.). We watch patiently until the August harvest fills the air with the smell of hops. We live for this stuff. Read more.


Hop Hunter Makes Harvest Year Round

This month, we’re preparing to launch an all-new IPA into our year-round beer lineup: Hop Hunter IPA.

To our knowledge, Hop Hunter is the first beer to feature wet hop flavor year round. This intensely aromatic IPA features pure hop oil, steam distilled in the field from wet hops minutes after harvest. This hop oil contributes a powerful wet hop aroma into the beer, available for the first time outside of the harvest season. Read more.


Wild Hops of the West

It’s amazing what you might find hiding in your backyard, if only you take the time to look. The newest and most exciting hop working its way into our next beer didn’t come from Europe and it wasn’t from the new breeding cooperative; it was here all along, just waiting to be tried. Read more.