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Pale Ale

The beginning. A classic.
Our most popular beer.

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Year Round

Our year-round offerings showcase a variety of different styles highlighting the range
of full-flavored beers Sierra Nevada is famous for.


Our rotating beers are brewed with the flavor of the seasons in mind, each beer with
its own unique and inviting character, available for a limited time.

High Altitude

Our High Altitude series is three of the biggest, boldest beers we have ever brewed.
Intense, uncompromising, and unsurpassed.


A selection of our most special limited-edition beers, featuring bold concepts and exciting
flavors highlighting the collision of tradition and innovation.

From the Vault

Sierra Nevada is constantly brewing small-batch, limited, draught-only, collaborations, and other brews throughout the year. Often times, these beers are fleeting, appearing in a handful of places for a short time. Others are in limited bottling only available at the brewery. Every now and again, we’ll bring some of our favorites back for another try, but usually, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

  • Hellraiser—Chocolate Chili Imperial Stout

    This massive Imperial Stout is infused with cocoa and dried ancho chilies. Rich and complex aromas, heavy with roasted grains, mask the layers of flavor within. Notes of bittersweet chocolate, mocha and a mild smokiness give way to a tingling and complex finish from the influence of the peppers.

    Que Syrah, Syrah—Syrah Barrel-Aged Brown Saison

    Our unique saison, spiced with star anise, curaco orange peel and juniper, and aged for eight months in French oak barrels used to mature syrah wine. This beer has layers of delicate flavors and complexity that a modest period of barrel aging has made even more refined and interesting. The dry straw-like finish, with fruity top notes of spice and farmhouse yeast character blends well with the tannic fruitiness of the wine, combined with a mild tartness and earthy character from native yeasts living in the barrel. This is one of only two kegs produced at the brewery at this time, with the remainder of the barrel continuing to mature.

    Brandy Barrel-Aged Belgian-style Trippel

    Our Belgian-style Trippel aged for five months in California brandy barrels. Made with an authentic abbey-style yeast strain, it is full of flavor but surprisingly light-bodied and drinkable. A balanced beer with a mild, bready character from the malt, combined with subtle floral flavors from the use of European hops. The Belgian yeast strain produces a complex bouquet of spicy and fruity flavors and aromas. The brief barrel aging adds to the beer’s flavor and complexity with subtle notes of vanilla and wine, and a touch of a toffee finish.

    Vintage Bigfoot Barleywine

    From the brewery’s private library. Extended aging of Bigfoot refines some of the barleywine’s notoriously bold character. Famous for its aggressive hoppiness, vintage Bigfoot gains more subtlety over time. As the hops fade to the background, the robust malts take over and notes of brandied cherries, dates, cocoa, leaf tobacco and caramel come to the fore. Over time, Bigfoot becomes less of a beast and more of a beauty, suitable for serving as an after-dinner drink in your favorite cordial glass or snifter.

  • Mersey Cream Stout

    Named after the Mersey River that runs through Liverpool, England, this cream stout is the definition of a “session” beer—low in alcohol, light in body and big on flavor. This ebony-colored ale has a heady mix of sweet malt and roasted coffee flavors that offer complexity without weighing heavy on the palate.

    Fritz and Ken’s Ale

    Created as an homage to the black ales that enamored Fritz Maytag and Ken Grossman during the early days, this strong stout is a beer to be savored. As black as midnight and with a collar of mocha-colored foam, the aroma is dense with fleeting notes of sweet malt, cocoa and dark cherries. The flavors are full bodied and complex with a moderate sweetness and hints of dark chocolate and espresso. This rich beer is the perfect after-dinner drink. Allow it to warm slightly to coax out the layered and nuanced flavors.

    Wood-Aged Porter

    This beer is a rare barrel-aged treatment of our classic American-style Porter. It is dark chocolate brown in color with rich, bittersweet and roasted toffee flavors enhanced with decadent notes of vanilla and toasted coconut aromas from extended aging in Kentucky bourbon barrels.

    Vienna Lager

    The flavor plays slightly toward caramel and toasted lager malt, but remains balanced and drinkable with a clean finish perfect for a summer session.

  • Jack and Ken’s Ale

    The complex flavors dart back and forth between smooth, slightly sweet roasted malt flavors and a bold hop-forward finish from the use of American hops.

    Barrel-Aged Life & Limb

    This new version of our sought-after collaboration brew with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, DE, rested for ten months in American bourbon barrels. Barrel-Aged Life & Limb is dark mahogany brown in color with massive aromas reminiscent of rich roasted malts and heady notes of vanilla and toasted coconut from the oak. Round and early flavors dominate this full-bodied beer with hints of maple, toasted pecan, and raisin.

    Pro-Am Old Ale

    Made with local homebrewing whiz Doug McLendon, this Old Ale is dark ebony-brown. Old Ale has aromas of dark cherry and cocoa powder with a faint whiff of hops. It features layers of roasted malt flavors with rich chocolate and plum notes and a clean, lasting, malty finish.

    Knightro Stout

    A fully nitrogenated beer designed as our take on the creamy dry stouts of Ireland with a decidedly Sierra Nevada twist. Knightro is black in color, but surprisingly light in body with rich caramel and chocolate malty flavors. It has a creamy mouthfeel and gentle carbonation from the use of a high percentage of nitrogen instead of the typical carbon dioxide.

  • 20th St. Ale

    Once a year we release this extra special American ale generously dosed with estate-grown Sierra Nevada hops. ESP is medium bodied, amber in color, and packed with flavor and complexity from the use of premium malt and whole-cone hops. It has a bright flowery, citrus, and earthy flavor from the abundance of whole-cone hops picked wet from our field adjacent to the brewery.

    20th St. Ale-Cascade

    Once a year we release this extra special American ale generously dosed with estate-grown Sierra Nevada hops. 20th Street Ale is medium bodied, amber in color, and packed with flavor and complexity from the use of premium malt and whole-cone hops. It has a bright flowery, citrus, and earthy flavor from the abundance of whole-cone hops picked wet from the fields adjacent to the brewery. It features 100% estate-grown Cascade hops with floral and perfume-like notes and a grapefruit-like citrus aroma.

    20th St. Ale-Chinook

    Once a year we release this extra special American ale generously dosed with estate-grown Sierra Nevada hops. 20th Street Ale is medium bodied, amber in color, and packed with flavor and complexity from the use of premium malt and whole-cone hops picked wet from the fields adjacent to the brewery. It has a bright flowery, citrus, and earthy flavor from the abundance of whole-cone hops. It features 100% estate-grown Chinook hops with notes of aromatic pine and citrus aromas.

    20th St. Ale-Citra

    Once a year we release this extra special, American ale generously dosed with estate-grown Sierra Nevada hops. 20th Street Ale is medium bodied, amber in color, and packed with flavor and complexity from the use of premium malt and whole-cone hops picked wet from the fields adjacent to the brewery. It has a bright flowery, citrus, and earthy flavor from the abundance of whole-cone hops. It features 100% estate-grown Citra hops with notes of bright tropical fruit and ripe melon.

  • Peach Pit

    Made in collaboration with fellow brew masters at Republic of Tea, Peach Pit Ale is a truly unique beer. It is a light rosy-gold color and has a satiny malt background that works to display rich flavors and aromas of bright spices and fruit from the use of whole-leaf Ginger Peach tea in the brew. The natural sweetness of the malt and peach are balanced by a light, dry spiciness from the ginger and black tea.

    Roaster Coffee Ale

    This tricky beer is a shock to the senses. At first, Roaster appears to be a timid, light-bodied golden ale, but with one whiff its true identity is revealed. Profound aromas of freshly roasted coffee greet you as you sample the beer. Rich, nutty, dark roasted java flavors and a subtle toasty sweetness are contrasted by Roaster’s relatively light body and clean finish, making it both robust, refreshing and surprisingly drinkable.

    2 X 4

    This unique ale is a blend of two Belgian-style beers, one an Abbey-style amber ale and the other a strong dark ale that has reposed in bourbon barrels for over 12 months. The aroma is layered and complex with hints of fig, toffee, and vanilla. The flavor is equally rich with notes of caramel, milk chocolate, black current, and raisin all intensified and refined by the use of traditional Belgian-style yeast.

    ABLE Best Britter

    This special beer was brewed in honor of our friend and brewing colleague Brit Antrim. ABLE Best Britter is our American take on the classic “session” ales of England. This light-bodied, easy-drinking beer features a golden and layered malt body, a bright dose of floral hop aroma and a crisp and dry hoppy finish.

  • Saison de Haricot

    This off-the-wall beer was brewed with 80 pounds of jellybeans, Organic Cherry Juice, and kumquats from our brewer’s back yard! Saison de Haricot pours a cloudy pink with a delicate pink head of foam. It has a slightly sour-cherry aroma that blends well with the black pepper spiciness of our Saison yeast. This session ale is very light bodied and spritzy with mild cherry flavors and a lightly tart and crisp finish.

    Agave Barrel-Aged Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Bock

    This is our 30th Anniversary Imperial Helles Bock, aged for 10 months in St. George Spirits Agua Azul (American Tequila) barrels. The sweet and toasty malt character and delicate floral hops play well with the deep herbal and slightly smoky flavors of the agave and the mild vanilla notes from the American oak barrels.

    Single Blonde

    Belgian singles are traditional, low-gravity beers brewed at monasteries as the monks’ daily drinks. These beers are rarely seen outside of Belgium and our less traditional take is no less special. Its bright golden color and complex, grainy malt character are easy on the palate while the use of Belgian abbey yeast adds complexity and interest to this drinkable, food-friendly beer.

    Black Vapor

    Brewed with our friends from Breiss Malting, Black Vapor features the unique Midnight Wheat Malt in this California Common-style beer that is anything but “common.” This hybrid beer is deep, dark brown with pronounced hop notes, a slightly roasty malt body and dry finish with a mild wheaty tang, making this an interesting and drinkable brew.

  • Bonnaroo Brew

    Bonnaroo Brew is made with our friends at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, TN. The special ale is a unique American farmhouse beer, made to honor the 700-acre farm where the festival is held. Bright golden in color, this ale is made with a blend of our house ale yeast and a specialty Belgian strain, which leaves it bright, crisp, refreshing and perfect for a warm festival day.


    This true cask-conditioned, English-style ale is the closest you’ll come to the real thing without a passport. In keeping with the famous British pub culture, Cask-Aid is all about balance and drinkability. With a complex but easy-going malt body—featuring Maris Otter malt—and an earthy and floral hop note, this medium-bodied ale makes for a proper pint for an afternoon in your nearest pub.


    This beer is a five-way collaboration brew between craft brewers: Allagash Brewing Co. (ME), Avery Brewing Co. (CO), Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (DE), The Lost Abbey (CA) and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. It features ingredients that reflect the native terroir of each brewer, including wild rice, beets, cucumber, mint, carrots, honey, potatoes and free-ranch “beach” wood from both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The beer is complex and nuanced with earthy flavors and light touches of cucumber and floral character. It is medium bodied and drinkable despite the varied repertoire of ingredients in this extremely limited release.

    Bourbon Barrel-aged Fritz and Ken’s Ale

    Our 30th anniversary stout, brewed with craft beer pioneers Ken Grossman and Fritz Maytag and aged for over a year in charred oak Kentucky bourbon barrels. This rich black stout has notes of coffee and dark chocolate and a delicate hint of smoke supported by a velvety body that showcases the flavors of oak, vanilla, and toasted coconut from the extended barrel aging. A slow, satisfying sipper of a beer.

  • Barrel-aged Belgian-style Trippel

    Our Belgian-style Trippel, aged in premium Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels. Made with an abbey-style yeast strain, our Trippel is full of flavor with a complex bouquet of spicy and orange blossom-like aromas. The barrel aging adds to the beer’s flavor and complexity with notes of vanilla, toasted coconut, and a mild toffee finish.


    This dark or “dunkel” style of wheat beer is native to the south German state of Bavaria. Rich brown in color, it has powerful fruit and spice aromas with notes of banana bread and toasted walnuts along with a soft caramel-like character that make this beer inviting from the first sniff.

    Barrel-Aged Brown Saison

    This unusual ale was aged for three years in French oak barrels that formerly held red wine, contributing to a deeply layered and complex beer. The aroma is rich with notes of black cherry, pipe tobacco, wood and wine, with hints of caramel and bread-like flavors and a mild tart finish.

    Bourbon Barrel Quad

    This Belgian-style Quad was stored in oak bourbon barrels and left to mature for years as it developed new flavor and intensity. The resulting beer is staggeringly rich and complex, with notes of vanilla, chocolate, toasted coconut and caramel. It is perfect as an after-dinner beer alongside a roaring fireplace and some great conversation.

  • Brandy Barrel Quad

    This Belgian-style Quad was stored in barrels formerly used to mature brandy. The resulting beer is a unique and complex mix of flavors including notes of red wine, tannic oak, berries, and caramel. It is perfect beer for sipping and reflecting on the profound depth of flavor within.

    Persimmon Farmhouse Ale

    This odd and interesting beer was brewed using whole, locally grown persimmons. In and around our home base of Chico, persimmons are a perennial winter crop. Their bright, fruity and slightly astringent flavor blends well with a French-style saison base, resulting in a dry and complex farmhouse ale.

    Knock on Wood

    Knock on Wood is the bourbon barrel-aged version of our popular Hellraiser Chocolate Chili Imperial Stout. Rich notes of vanilla and coconut from the barrel blend well with the smooth cocoa and roasted malt flavor of the stout. The natural sweetness of the stout is balanced by the oak and finishes with a mild hint of heat from the chili peppers.

    Off Kilter Strong Scotch Ale

    Off Kilter is a “Wee Heavy” style of strong Scotch ale. This mahogany-colored beer has notes of caramel, raisin, light smoke, molasses and chocolate that showcase the range of malt flavors. Rich and rounded, this moderately sweet Scottish ale is a perfect sipping beer in place of or in addition to dessert.

  • 3 Bricks IPA

    Three Bricks is an American IPA brewed with a German accent. It features Weyermann pale malt and German Magnum hops for bittering and for aroma as dry hops in the finish. It takes its name from the three bricks of Fermentis Safale US-05 dry ale yeast used in fermentation. The result is a deliciously drinkable beer with bright floral aromas and a clean finish.

    Audition® Imperial Pilsner

    This is an amped-up golden lager brewed in the German style. It is bigger and more intense than a traditional Pilsner and bolder and more hop-forward than a maibock, yet it remains crisp and very drinkable.

    Life & Limb®

    Life & Limb is a 10% ABV strong, dark beer that defies style characteristics—a collaboration between Dogfish Head Craft Brewery of Milton, DE, and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. of Chico, CA. The beer is alive with yeast—a blend of both breweries’ house strains—brewed with pure maple syrup from the Calagione family farm in Massachusetts, and bottle conditioned and naturally carbonated with birch syrup from Alaska for added complexity and shelf life. If stored under good conditions, this rich, full-bodied beer should age well for years.

    Limb & Life®

    Limb & Life is a “small” beer made from the second runnings of a larger brew. Limb & Life has a roasted malt flavor reminiscent of dark roast coffee and toasted bread combined with a pronounced hoppiness from the use of bold and aromatic American hops. Limb & Life is an easy drinking “session” beer— an antidote to the heavy sippers—and a beer that begs for another glass. Limb & Life is balanced yet flavorful, hoppy yet not without strong malt, and drinkable but still complex.

  • Best Bitter

    Brewed with imported English malts, this medium-bodied, copper-colored beer is a rendition of the popular English Bitter. Best Bitter is a true “session” beer that features a smooth toasty, biscuit-like malt character and finishes with a clean, spicy hop note.

    Blonde Ale

    Blonde ales were historically made by ale brewers to compete with the lighter drinking lagers of the day. This blonde ale has a biscuit-like aroma that comes from the generous use of Maris Otter malt and finishes with a spicy hop character. Enjoy a refreshing pint of this easy drinking ale.

    Brown Ale

    This is a traditional Southern English-style brown ale featuring roasted malt flavors, with a complex yet drinkable roasted malt sweetness from the use of caramel and chocolate malts.

    Imperial Smoked Porter

    Sierra Nevada’s Imperial Smoked Porter is a complex mix of rich, dark flavors tailor made for the cold months of winter. Imperial Smoked Porter is dark, espresso brown with a full body and strong depth of flavor. The aroma is big, with pronounced roasted malt and hints of hardwood smokiness. The flavor is reminiscent of dark chocolate with a moderate sweetness that gives way to a satisfying dry and warming finish.

  • Oktoberfest

    Our adaptation of the German Märzen style done with American flare. Oktoberfest is chestnut in color with a lively roasted malty aroma. Oktoberfest has a delicate, bittersweet malty flavor and is medium bodied for a robust yet easy-drinking experience. The addition of New Zealand Pacifica hops adds a spicy note and enhances the clean finish.

    Schwarz Beer

    Schwarz beers are traditional German dark lagers. Schwarz, German for black, is a dark lager beer with a sweet maltiness derived from the use of roasted wheat malt. Often referred to as a “black Pilsner,” this Schwarz Beer is medium bodied with a moderate hoppiness and a clean, crisp finish.

    Scotch Ale

    Sierra Nevada’s traditionally styled Scotch Ale is deep red in color, possessing a strong malt flavor with a very light hop character. Though medium bodied, this sweet ale is accentuated with a warming alcohol note and a generous portion of European malts.

    Side Car Amber Ale

    This easy-drinking amber ale is a great beer for sipping on a fall afternoon. Side Car is perfectly balanced, featuring caramel malts and bright, citrusy hops in even measure—none overpowering the next. This brilliant amber beer is medium bodied and approachable and makes for the perfect pint for almost any occasion.

  • Audition® #44

    Our Audition ales are experimental pilot brews we use to test new ingredients and methods. They are made with identical basic American ale malt recipes, but hopped throughout with a new experimental hop. #44 has a bright and lemony hop flavor and pronounced aromas featuring notes of blueberry and blackberry with a semi-dry and smooth finish.

    Audition® #66

    Our Audition ales are experimental pilot brews we use to test new ingredients and methods. They are made with identical basic American ale malt recipes, but hopped throughout with a new experimental hop. #66 features hops with a pronounced citrusy, grapefruit flavors and aroma. A touch of added dryness lightens the finish and makes for a very drinkable brew.

    Chico IPA

    Chico IPA is our answer to the calls for a big “West Coast” style double India Pale Ale. This beer is a big, hop-hearty bruiser packed with flavor. A deep, tarnished-penny color, Chico IPA is brewed using massive amounts of Simcoe and new experimental varieties of hops. The beer has a full body and flavor from the malt that balances perfectly against the assertive citrus, pine, and spicy herbal notes in the hops. Chico IPA is dry hopped during fermentation to harness all the thick resinous aromas and flavors of bold whole-cone American hops.


    Winner of the 2008 GABF Silver Medal and the 2009 Gold Medal for German-style Kölsch. Kölsch ale is a regional beer style brewed in and around the town of Köln, Germany. Kölsch is a cold-fermented, light-bodied ale. Golden in color and low in alcohol, Kölsch has a distinctive smoothness that makes it a very refreshing summertime offering.

  • Stein Altbier

    An old-style German hybrid ale brewed using super-heated river stones to boil the sugary wort which encourages kettle caramelization and enhances malt complexity. Stein Alt is golden in color with an interesting toffee-like malt flavor paired with fruity aromas and balanced by a moderate dose of whole-cone hops. Clean, complex, and amazingly drinkable.


    Our Pilsner won a gold award in the bi-annual “Olympics of Beer,” the 2010 World Beer Cup, in the German-Style Pilsner category. This traditional Bavarian lager is straw colored with a pinpoint balance between nutty malt flavors and aromatic noble hops. Our Pilsner is an excellent example of this light-bodied traditional style.

    Big Day IPA

    Created in honor of brewing colleague Jeff Bagby’s nuptials, Big Day IPA is the perfect pint for a party. It’s a hybrid IPA brewed with a combination of American and English ingredients. It features bright mandarin orange and pineapple hop aroma from the generous use of Amarillo hops and a velvety smooth and biscuity English malt flavor.

    French Style Saison

    This saison is brewed in the French style. It’s copper colored and extremely dry with layers of complex flavors and aromas, including hints of lemon, grass, straw and spice. A perfect beer for any summer occasion.

  • Love at First Bike

    Brewed to celebrate the wedding of Gina Williams and Brian Grossman, who first met on the famed Sierra Nevada Beer Bike at the GABF, this red ale features five different hops and malts. This beer will walk you down the aisle with tastes of biscuit, caramel, and berry that are nicely balanced by a generous kiss of citrus from the use of whole-cone hops.

    Glissade® Golden Bock

    Glissade is a remarkably mellow take on the traditional spring bock. With restrained sweetness, we emphasize subtle malt flavor balanced against delicate aromas of spicy and floral European hops. This complex balance helps Glissade slide across the palate, bracing us against the last cold nights of winter, while its bright golden color turns our thoughts toward spring.


    ESB combines the best of English tradition with American style. Our ESB (Early Spring Beer) is easy drinking, featuring English malts and a blend of hops for a unique combination of flavors.

    Anniversary Ale

    Sierra Nevada uses more whole-cone hops than any brewery in the world. We work directly with hop growers in the Pacific Northwest to promote sustainable farming methods and the development of new strains of hops. This year’s Anniversary Ale features sustainably grown Cascades and highlights the citrusy-pine flavors of our signature hop variety.

  • Belgian Wit

    This traditional Belgian beer is flavored with coriander, chamomile and orange peel, which give it a refreshing citrus flavor. Oats and unmalted wheat impart a slightly sweet grain flavor. Like traditional Belgian Wits, this beer is unfiltered to give it an almost white appearance, thus its name.

    Double DeBOCKel

    Double DeBOCKel is brewed in the style of the traditional German doppelbock, but with our original Sierra Nevada spin. At the start, our Double DeBOCKel is robust and malty; it has a rich caramel character, a light bready flavor and mild, pleasant sweetness. It has a silky smoothness resulting from a long aging period at near-freezing temperatures and hides its hearty strength with modesty. Double DeBOCKel is a boisterous beer that finishes clean. In true Sierra Nevada fashion the use of a healthy dose of hops leaves the beer surprisingly dry, with nothing but a full-body warmth and a faint malty memory left behind.

    Monorail Ale

    The Seattle Monorail, built in 1962 for the World’s Fair, is undergoing a planned maintenance overhaul. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. has a strong commitment to environmental causes and they have agreed to provide clean, empty kegs, which will be filled with water and secured in the trains to provide weight for testing. Monorails are environmentally friendly forms of transportation. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. wants to assist in refurbishing the monorail to emphasize their commitment to environmental causes. It will be their way of being “The beer that keeps Seattle rolling.”

    Pale Bock

    A longtime local Chico favorite, pale in color yet very full bodied, this wonderful “Bock” (strong beer) is brewed to celebrate the coming of spring. Bottom fermentation combined with a long cold-tank aging creates a smoothness that makes this seasonal offering a great summertime treat.

  • Rauch Beer

    Our Rauch, or “smoked” beer, uses 50% smoked barley malt in the recipe, giving the beer a slight hickory smoke flavor. Our Rauch beer is a chestnut-colored, medium-bodied dry lager. Perle hops for bittering and Liberty hops for aroma finish this very unique beer offering.

    Whiskey Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale

    Sierra Nevada’s traditionally styled Scotch Ale is deep red in color, possessing a strong malt flavor with a very light hop character derived from the English hops used. Though medium bodied, this sweet ale is rather potent at 7.3% ABV. To add even more character to this beer, we aged it in bourbon barrels for eight months.

    Wheat Beer

    Wheat Beer is a pale, unfiltered, and light-bodied beer. Strissel Spalt hops from the Alsace region of France are used to create its very refreshing and smooth character.

    Belgian-style Trippel

    Sierra Nevada’s Belgian-style Trippel is our interpretation of the traditional beer style invented by monks of the Trappist monasteries in Belgium. A deep golden color, it is full of flavor but surprisingly light bodied and drinkable. A balanced beer with a mild, bready character from the malt combined with subtle floral flavors from the use of European hops. The authentic Belgian yeast strain produces a complex bouquet of spicy and fruity flavors and aromas, and the use of ground coriander adds a light touch of citrus.

  • Brown Saison

    Sierra Nevada’s Brown Saison is a nod to the rustic farmhouse or “country” style beers of Belgium and France. Traditionally, saison is brewed in the cool months of spring for enjoyment throughout the summer. Our Brown Saison is remarkably complex from the use of roasted malt, a unique Belgian yeast strain and exotic spices, including coriander, orange peel, star anise and juniper berries. The beer has an intriguing interplay of flavors ranging from earthy straw character and bright peppery spiciness to deep notes of dark fruit and black currants. Brown Saison is bright and refreshing with a dry and mildly tart finish.